Enterprise Forecasting & Pipeline Management

Akucast for better forecasts

Deploy Akucast.

Your reps will thank you.

Increase sales rep adoption with a simple to use page for pipeline management. Automatically get accurate forecasts.

Pipeline management

What's included

Rep homepage

Sales reps live on one page in Salesforce. Simplifying training, ramp-up, and fantastic adoption.

Inline editing

Stay on the page and make your edits. No more hopping from page to page.

Opportunity splits

Easy way to split opportunities between multiple reps and keep track of them.

What Makes Us Different?

Get Forecasting Fast

Deploy with a click of a button into your Org. No syncing, linking, or drinking involved.


You've made a huge investment in Salesforce and their platform. Don't pay someone else to add yet another data center to the mix.


You put your trust in the Salesforce infrastructure. So do we. We don't siphon off data into our own data centers.

Integrated with the tools you know

Don't force yourself, your exec's, and your managers to learn more tools


You're already for a great reporting engine built into Salesforce. Keep using it.


Salesforce and partners have all the analytics you need that runs on-platform.

Price Included

You're already paying for many tools included in Salesforce. Why pay for them again with overlapping tools?

Try Akucast For Yourself

We Make It Easy

We've simplified the process to try Akucast. Go straight to our AppExchange listing and deploy our package straight into your production or sandbox Org. You get a 30-day trial with all features and seats you need. We're also here to assist or we can introduce you to one of our Certified Akucast Partners. It doesn't get easier than this to try something different.

Simple to use

Most users can learn Akucast with little to no training.


We think we priced it well to fit any company budget. It's also quick and easy to renew and purchase more seats on the fly all online.


We have transparent and open pricing. No games. We've even made testing it easy with a free 30-day trial initiated within the AppExchange.


Adoption is the biggest show of success of any Salesforce project. Get success without bribes, bonuses, or gnashing of teeth.

Sales Forecasting

Can be easier and more accurate!

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