Sales Forecasting Simplified

Reduces busy work and keeps your reps selling.

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The Sales Forecasting Process


Reps love the Akucast sales page. Our software will help reps ditch their spreadsheets.


Akucast is a single app that tightly couples forecasting and pipeline management.

Comparative Forecasting

Compare reps subjective forecast numbers with objective data from their opps on a single page.


Historical Trend Reporting

Effortless Drill Down

All the data using Akucast will exist in a single Salesforce tab. Akucast's single Salesforce tab allows for effortless interpretation of a rep's forecast.

Same View

Enable communication from the rep all the way to the CEO, give everyone the same visibility into opportunity status and forecast numbers.


Fit Your Needs

Akucast can be customized to fit your business. Our Certified partners can modify Akucast to meet your needs.

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Sales Forecasting

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