Akucast is a SaaS company that simplifies the forecasting process, leading to accurate forecasting.

A Bit of History

The name Akucast, is a mash-up of two words, "accurate" and "forecast". Several attempts later in a brainstorming session, Rick, one of the co-founders who is from Hawaii, got on the theme of "big game hunting" and "big game fishing". A lightbulb went off in his head with the word, "Aku". Aku, also known as Skipjack Tuna, is an island favorite and a highly prized game fish. This went along perfectly with the big game fishing theme. Conglomerating "Aku" with "cast" and the word Akucast was born. 

Our Mission

Here at Akucast, we believe that the most valuable source of forecast data comes from your sales reps. Organizations that build forecasting into every step of the sales cycle attain more data driven results. We want to make your job easier by simplifying the forecasting process.

Our Vision

More than anything we value getting back to the basics. We create an easy to use software designed for sales reps that minimizes busywork and keeps them selling.

Executive Team

Rick Ow

Co Founder, CEO

Zhong Yuan

VP Engineering

Sales Forecasting

Can be easier and more accurate!

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