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We believe when it comes to sales forecasting, the best source of truth comes from your people. We empower your sales reps to communicate to sales leadership what they believe their forecast number is without all the fuss, complications, and busy work.



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What’s In A Name?

The name Akucast, is a mash-up of two words, “accurate” and “forecast”. Several attempts later in a brainstorming session, Rick, one of the co-founders who is from Hawaii, got on the theme of “big game hunting” and “big game fishing”. A lightbulb went off in his head with the word, “Aku”. Aku, also known as Skipjack Tuna, is an island favorite and a highly prized game fish. This went along perfectly with the big game fishing theme. Conglomerating “Aku” with “cast” and the word Akucast was born. 

Our Goal

Gain Confidence in the Forecast

“At the end of the day, perception is reality”

Whether the forecast number presented to Executive leadership is accurate or not is irrelevant. What matters is if they have confidence in that number.

Deploy a sales forecasting tool so easy to use, even the ceo will love it

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the team?

We’re a group of former Account exec’s, vp of sales, and salesforce architects/developers. we live and breath sales processes and have built that experience into akucast to make it functional not just for management, but for reps as well.

Anyone Else?

We currently have rounded out our team with leading experts in the sales operations world. today, they comprise of four silicon valley tech guru’s that are all vice-president of sales operations at leading companies in the valley.

Who Installs the Software?

Akucast is a software developer on the Salesforce platform and we are 100% focused on building great software. implementation is a completely different ball of wax that requires different skills and lots of in person interactions. delivery of our code is handled by those that salesforce deems experts in those services, akucast hand selected salesforce consulting partners.

What Else Do You Make?

Nothing. We are laser focused on delivering a world-class sales forecasting solution for the salesforce platform.

Can I Run Akucast On Other CRM’s?

No. we are dedicated to the salesforce platform and our code runs 100% in the salesforce cloud. we are deeply embedded into the salesforce ecosystem and choose to remain there to keep distractions to a minimum and allow us to maximize all the power salesforce offers to our customers as a combined single solution.


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